Sometimes… Healing Hurts

"I’ve been in some pretty painful places in my life lately. I’ve been navigating really disastrous waters, but there is no way I have carried the fullness of my sorrow. I’ve experienced Jesus as my Sustainer. He has defined himself that way for me to soothe the ache. I have struggled to feel safe, loved and valuable and, trust me, there has been a storm of experiences to tell me otherwise, but Jesus has been my roadblock. He has stood between me and the kind of pain that would cause me to black out, to lose myself. He has stood guard, faithfully and generously. He has ensured that I have a place to heal.

The work HAS to be done. He has never shied away from what needs to happen to heal me, but he has always been the one to offer me refuge from the pain.

You might look back and see seasons where you felt like God wounded you. Maybe that was simply his precise scalpel? Maybe God is like us and is willing to do the hard work of cleaning out our wounds, and is even willing to face our wounded anger. He knows that he’s healing us, even if we don’t.

God is our healer and sometimes healing hurts.”